Here is a syllabus for you people. This weekend is Pentecost, or Whitsun as some people call it. We are not religious in any way, but here in Norway people are off work and school on Pentecost Monday (tomorrow) as it is second day of Pentecost. Or whatever it is called in the UK, David wasn’t sure. In Norway it is called PINSE and in Germany PFINGST and these are fine words indeed. Because shops are shut and peple are off on Monday, we are going out in Trondheim tonight, and hope many others will have had the same thoughts as us. To celebrate Pentecost! No we are kidding. We will hop on a train tonight with our old friend Lødi, and hop off at Lerkendal Stadium, Rosenborg Football Club’s home stadium.

Imagecelebrating pentecost hard

We have also been exercising in the sveltering heat today, and David rolled a rolling pin on his injured leg, it looks like he is hoping to bake something tasty from his leg: (like a marzipan lid for a cake mmmmm marzipan)


Finally, the highlight of our holiday so far, a book with bird sounds in it. It has over 300 bird calls from Northern Europe in it, and it is the best invention ever. So many games can be played with this book, it is endless. The favourite so far is playing one, whilst miming the bird doing it (no own sound allowed) and there is plenty room for creative facial expressions and body movements here. Every household should own one.

Image different seagulls are the best

Peace out, remember sun screen kids!