HELLO. Hope everyone is having a chilled out Sunday. Our Sunday is so chilled out, that we don’t really have anything exciting to say. We have tidied, eaten pearl barley risotto, watched Orange is the New Black and talked to Katt Monsen. We also went to Sainsbury’s. We walked there, wearing our Angry Duck clothing, repping like mad. We took our recycling out. The lady two floors above us watered her plants too much so all our stuff hanging out got soaked too, as usual. Sorry for this uneventful blog, guys. Here is an ad that came up on Facebook the other day to entertain you all:

Skjermbilde 2014-05-11 kl. 22.21.06 Like wtf

Maybe we had too much fun yesterday. Have a lovely coming week people!
Karen Anna, David & Katt Monsen xx