This is a summary for our week. We had tacos from Bodega, Leith Walk, Edinburgh yesterday. DE-LISH. You should try them. They do delicious beans too, and they use compostable packaging from Vegware. Super bonus. Today we ordered sleeping bags for canoeing. Excitement. David also ordered some sun tan lotion, because we are hoping we will need it. We have eaten breakfast on the lawn, watched a young puppy poo on our lawn too, watched Orange is the New Black lots and eaten Rachel’s Greek Organic yoghurt with honey. Yumlicious. We are also re-doing some Angry Duck comics on the old website, hopefully the ones that are translateable into English will be soon, and we can put them on here. So non-Scandinavians can enjoy them, too.

Less than a week till canoeing now and final arrangements are being made. Here is a photo of Katt Monsen begging in the kitchen, trying to look all sweet and treat-worthy. Fat chance. Have a delightful week guys!