Here is the market we did Friday the 1st if August! It was on Lister Square on the Quartermile, and it is a lovely wee spot. We had a fun and interesting day, and met lots of lovely people from all over the world, including some other lovely stallholders. There were dog treats, guides to dog friendly bars, wonderful herbal products from Masarnen (website here) , coffee and crepes, German sausage, Linlithgow Chutneys, Rations cookies and marshmallows, different types of jewellery and other thangs.

We got super delicious macaroons from Les Plaisirs d’Odette, her website is here and her Facebook page is here and the woman making these wonderful treats is also super lovely and fantastic in every way. Chatting to her and eating her macaroons is a wonderful combination.

Another favourite of ours were Passion Earth, that sells recycled and handmade cases, cushion covers, hand-crafted terracotta jewellery, handmade wall hangings, compostable gift boxes which are stamped and decorated by hand and other handmade and recycled gift items, and the lady who runs it is also the most lovely lady ever! We had a laugh with her and her sister all day, she lent us a table cloth when ours wasn’t big enough and it really made our day! Her website is here and her Facebook page is here and her stuff is also amazing.

Here is a photo of the stall:

davidstallHere is David eating a German sausage

DavidpølsHe enjoyed it indeed