This Sunday has been a day of flat hunting as we seek to find a new home for Angry Duck. Unfortunately it isn’t easy finding the right place that we all agree on, but maybe in the not so distant future there will be a place that we can agree on and spend our fortunes on.

After Katt Monsen spent most of last night being really annoying, inlcuding hanging out the window at 3 in the morning and being chatted up by a local drunk girl, he then preceded to spend all day lying in his bed or on our bed. Now he is having a brushing session after dinner so he looks his best in case the girl comes by later.

Tonight we shall attend The Brew Lab for some coffee tasting, how very middle class of us. Hopefully we can sleep tonight after it, although maybe we will spend some time in town to sample some fringe atmosphere.

kattbørst kattbørst2

Here is a video of Katt Monsen cuddling the brush:

Have a delicious Sunday people!