Hello blogz. Have tried to post this all day but the blog was down. It was an emergency and I bet you all were checking and updating your browsers every 5 minutes in sheer excitement and bewilderment. Anyway, it is up now and hopefully it won’t happen again. Today we are showing you our unisex handmade Rosenborg Football club Duck screen printed t-shirts, made by Karen Anna and David. Katt Monsen did nothing apart from maybe moult a few hairs on them when the humans weren’t watching 😡

The thing is that we have sold out of all the manly man sizes, like L and XL, so we need to print some more of these soon. Perhaps. We do have 12 black size S in stock, 6 black size M, 1 black size XS and one lonely blue size S. They look like this:


Each and every one is unique because we made them ourselves! It was fun and also a learning process because we learned that we will never make them ourselves ever again, but let someone professional handle it.

Either way, the print last superbly in print and the t-shirts are quite narrow fitting, if you are a slender chap like David, you would need a size M, Karen Anna wears S or XS depending on how she wants it to fit. They are super comfy because they are printed on American Apparel. No shapeless shizzle here! Here is a catalogue model wearing one:

10481926_10152181186177175_233511688207475468_nHe is celebrating his beautiful t-shirt

The t-shirts can be bought here: http://www.angryduckshop.com/Black-screen-printed-t-shirt-p/angryrbk.htm Own a piece of art today Sir or Madam!

In other news, KA finished another Angry Duck comic strip today, you can find it on the Arga Ankan Facebook page. Have a fine weekend 😀