Hello faithful Angry Ducklings. Today we were meant to go to view a flat at 11 o’clock. Then no one was there, so David thought it was maybe at 12 instead. He never wrote it down. So we went to Bert’s Coffee and had breakfast, then walked back to the flat at 12. Then no one was there, so we thought it maybe was at 13 instead, so we went to Matalan and bought some briefs for men. Good value. Disappointed that the viewing never happened, David decided to take a bath because he was feeling a little bit rough from all the cocktails and ska music last night:

davidbatheWe are going to see Victoria Bennett Little Jazzbird tonight at the Jazz Bar, she has a few more shows on and everyone should come! We still only have 8 people having said they want this totebag which means these 8 people have extremely good odds for getting it:


If you want it, let us know on our Facebook page and you will be in the draw! AAAAAHHHHH exciting!

Peace people