HI BLOG. So we have over 2000 views now, this makes us chuffed and buzzing. Like a waspy bee from Alloa Football Club. Today has been a most lovely Sunday, David came home late last night from being on the sauce and woke up feeling rough, poor thing. Then Barry and Colette came to see us and we went to Bert’s Coffee for coffee (this was predictable) and a lovely chat and morning was had. They are so great, Barry and Colette, we recommend them for family members to everyone. We don’t have any photos of this.

Then we went to see our friends Pavithra and Atul and their wonderful house and family (Pavi runs the superb sustainable shop Passion Earth) and ate the most delicious Indian snacks and treats, and had a delightful chilled out time. Davids legs became the kids’ favourite object to play with and jump on, and he enjoyed spending time with children, because he has never done this before. We didn’t take any photos, but we stole one of Pavi’s: (sorry!!!)

Chana masala

DE-LISH. Thanks so much for everything guys, you are the best!
Anyway hope everyone are feeling blissful and having as nice a Sunday as we are.