Hello! We haven’t blogged Friday because we were at a wedding all day, and then we didn’t bring a computer to Glasgow so we couldn’t blog Saturday so we had a break. Sunday we were at a wedding all day again, so we are all weddinged out now but we had such a great time! Friday we went to Cameron House in Loch Lomond, and it was fantastic and beautiful. Unfortunately my camera broke 😥 but here are some phone photos:

IMG_4188 IMG_4190 IMG_4192 IMG_4193(The beautiful girl sharing a table with us is Alison, she is a pure delight. The heart and sad face is for our friend Rachel, who couldn’t be there because she is a celebrity model pharmacist and was needed elsewhere).

Then on Saturday David went to football and won, and I went and got stuff put on my hair by a hair salon near Barry’s Convenience Store and had brunch with Colette and ate enough for 11 men and a donkey. At least. Then we went to Whole Foods to see all the expensive things they stock and Colette had to show her ID when buying wine. We went to bed early because we had to get up early for the big finale, the Indian wedding on Sunday morning.

The Indian wedding on Sunday is the best thing we have ever been to, and we really want to go to some more because we have never had this much fun before. The music beat any wedding band and even most music you hear on the radio, and the food was something we will think about forever more. There was a even a celebrity performing at the wedding, David got a photo with him but it was sadly blurred. But still! The dancing was so much fun and the dance-offs were the best. The Grand Central Hotel we were in was the most amazing venue ever. Here are some photos of our day and a video:

Amazing terracotta necklace from Passion Earth

Sikh wedding Indian outfit David getting help with bandanna In front of Glasgow Gurdwara

Here is a video with some music, sadly it doesn’t even give the performance any justice!

Here is a photo of David and Navin Kundra:

Navin Kundra & Davideo

We had the best time ever, thanks a million to Sandy and Preeti for having us, and to everyone else who had lols with us over the weekend!