Hi. Saturday Show today shows you our Angry Duck iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases. Since the thew Apple iPhone 6 and 6 PLUS is now out (one can only wonder if there will be a 6S and a 6 PLUS S ? Will it then be 6+S? 6+S=? Who the hell knows) this is for all you people who can’t afford the sixes and the pluses and whatnot, but already have an iPhone5 or 5s and fancy a stylish and strong case for it. Here it is:
Angry Duck iPhone 5 5s case phonecover2
It is actually really strong too, we are not just saying that, we have dropped out phones lots of times and they have never even gotten a small crack in the screen.So it works too! A link to the case can be found here:

It features most of the duck ever made and wraps around your phone so no ugly white egdges!