Hi, today you will learn about Wigpig, the only female character in the Angry Duck emporium. Pretty strange, I know, but it’s just the way it is. Since male men and other non-female organisms are more commonly aggressive and angry than women are (in general – of course there are exceptions but ladies usually don’t start no war) it is more fun to make fun of their anger and irrational behaviour anyway, maybe that is why. Anyway, here she is:
WigpigIn Swedish, she is called Perukgrisen. This means Wigpig, shockingly enough. She has black leather boots on her trotters, a black leather jacket, and of course a blonde wig. With a fringe! And freckles. Is she based on a real person? Maybe. She definitely is the type of rude and unpleasant patronising person that doesn’t say her please and thankyous and treat people who work in shops badly. Bet you feel all educated now 😀