Hello dear blog readers, ducklings and does.

First we need to say that we are so sorry the blog has been shoved under a heavy rug for the past weeks, there was simply no time to do it! Hope no one has suffered too much from this. In that case, you cannot claim compensation unfortunately.

Secondly, we have been aiming a bit too high with blogging every day, after all we should focus on quality not quantity! Sorry again guys, less blogging from now on. This is a very apologetic post. So the usual days will disappear and there will be less structure yay!

What will happen now? I need to produce a character bible for Angry Duck, then we will see what happens because no one really knows anything about the future, do they. Apart from people with high quality crystal balls, of course. Here are some Angry Duck doodles from Pictoplasma Academy: Angry Duck doodles Pictoplasma Academy Pictoplasma Academy was the best experience of my life and now everything has changed for the better. Possibly because I met German Jesus and he might have blessed me, with no words just greasy hair, but more likely it has nothing to do with him.

And here is a video of Katt Monsen being super cute, going through my other sketches looking for his smelly trout treat.

Have a beautiful Sunday dear Angry Ducklings, keep warm and stay in school! We love you and hope you love us back even though we have neglected this blog like an evil relative no one wants to visit. No more though! ❤