Dear Blog. Yesterday’s blogpost comes here. Yesterday was a bit of a challenge, due to some cocktails from 52 Canoes, but it was totally worth it.

Today we went to Halford’s and B & Q to buy stuff to fix the relatively large Angry Duck sculpture. Really hope it is the right stuff, because these people were busy and didn’t have time to look at my photos of the German products used in Berlin. I’m sure it will be fine. We got the putty in B & Q and that was the only polyester putty they had, so I am more concerned about that, but I guess I don’t need much. This is some of the stuff we got:
David's Epoxy ResinThinking that the fact that it’s called David’s Resin must be reassuring. Or?

(check out our not so hidden advertising, Australian cooking show style).

The only thing we couldn’t get was insulation foam, the only sheets they had in B & Q were super expensive and huge, we just wanted a lil’ leg of it. We must try Homebase one day.

This is Katt Monsen and the foam Angry Duck:
Katt Monsen and foam sculpture

Then we put some Barbapapa fairy lights up because it is so dark outside, although this photo was taken a bit earlier because we had to test that they worked. They are delightful.
Barbapapa LED fairy lights

Angry Duck is now higher up on a table so Katt Monsen can’t break him in any way. He is eagerly awaiting the day he will be finished, and so is the rest of the household!
Messy tableApologies for the messy table but this is how it is when you don’t have a desk to work on. Maybe one day, but who knows anything, really.


Have a delightful and productive week dear people!

KA, David & Katt Monsen xx