So this blogpost was planned all day, then I got caught up listing new items on the webshop, they are so sweet! We did a market in Out of the Blue Drill hall in Leith yesterday and it was an immediate success. It looked like this:
Out of the Blue drill hall Xmas marketThanks so much to everyone who purchased merchandise! And to Xmas elf Ellis.

These are some of the new greeting cards in the webshop, they are amazing of course:
Get well soon baboon greeting card get well soon from std you're welcome card

We also got other stuff, check it out here

Today we made space for Christmas here at Angry Duck Shop HQ, it looks like this:
Christmas salad ready on the table

Katt Monsen was snoozing with the Smorkin’ Labbit he has had from he was a little kitten:
Katt Monsen and Smorkin LabbitIt is not an attractive bunny anymore, covered in drool and whatnot. But much loved!

We will continue with our jolly Angry Duck work in the coming week and we are very excited for Christmas by the way. Who isn’t?Have a good one!

Karen Anna, Davideo & Katt Monsen xx