Hello! Here today with us is Dressrat, the rat with the pink dress.

DressratDressrat likes to smoke cigarettes and says pretty much only one thing, which is SHUT UP. (Kjeftn means shut up in Norwegian). He wears his pink dress with pride, occasionally he takes it off to wash it and iron it, but he got a couple in his wardrobe. Despite the dress, he is a very manly rat.
Dressrat ironThe original Dressrat was made out of a kitchen towel tube and some paper. One day I fell off my bike and hurt myself quite badly and had to sit still at work, so I made a paper rat. The original Dressrat sat on the counter in the shop, right next to the card machine, so people paying with card actually had to move the original Dressrat in order to access the card machine. There were many weird looks from the people having to move the original Dressrat, and very hard to keep a serious face at all times. But that was the fun of it. Here is the original Dressrat:
The original DressratAs you can tell, he is a work of art in so many ways.
Altough Dressrat really can’t be bothered with other people or social media in any way, he still has his own Facebook page although he does not update it ever. You can find it here. Dressrat and Angry Duck respect each other, and I guess they are friends in their own special way.

That was so much information that if you read all of this, you have learned so many new and useful things today that your head is filled to the brim. Thank you, come again soon.