Hello! This blog has been quiet because of personal circumstances. On Saturday, Valentine’s Day, I went to Jim Stirk’s animation studio, Animation Jam, and were taught animation for a full day. It was a day full of Flash magic and a moving Angry Duck saw the break of dawn and it was very special and moving. Animator Jim is such a fantastic and skilled animator, and also an amazing teacher, so if anyone wants to learn any form of animation, he teaches workshops for people of all ages and I could not recommend him more. He has years of experience and is super friendly and super talented. Please check out his website for his cool work for big clients, e.g. BBC.

Here is the first one that Jim did, it is very rough but oh so funny.

Then I tried the same. Short and maybe not so sweet but hey.

Then Jim did this one. It is a masterpiece:

Then Jim showed me how to import the puppet and I made this stomping film:

Expect beautiful things in 15 years, once I have practised my face off doing Flash, when the Pictoplasma malarky is over. Some sound will also be fantastic one day.

Have a happy rest of February!