The Angry Duck comic strips are made in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English and once in German. It is great for multi-lingual Scandinavians, but we appreciate that that isn’t everyone, so we are going through the process of translating them into English. Sometimes the joke is in the language though, so it is not translateable or the point is missed completely. Most of the time there is no point to the strip at all, just funny drawings.
Not all of them can be translated, but the ones that sort of can, we have started working on here.

If you are a multi-lingual individual, the whole works can be found here: NB! Not for the faint hearted, language-wise. If you think Angry Duck is being mean, well, they deserve it!

The ones that has been translated so far, are here:

This is under progress! Also worth while to mention that Lardy Oystercatcher is the only English-speaking character originally, so that is why he is featured more than the other characters. For so long! 😀