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Happy Easter! Here is an Easter Duck from this year’s calendar. He is over the moon because he can bring you air fresheners for a fantasically scented holiday. Yay!
Easter Bunny Duck

Happy Easter from David & Karen Anna. Katt Monsen says “Unhappy Easter” but he is probably just April Foolsing it, “lol”.


Happy New Year! Here is the spread from the January page from this year’s Angry Duck 2015 wall calendar:
January duck and T-rex

Sorry if you have seen it before and is mighty sick of it. It is meant to be us canoeing in the summer, although it did not look like this on the Scottish canals. We still have a (very) few calendars left if you want one by the way, here.

Have a superb week everyone!

Todays Wednesday Waddle comes from Friday but it is a special Happy New Year edition, as Angry Duck went to Silverburn in Glasgow with David and Karen Anna. A big Happy 2015 to all our Angry Ducklings, we hope your new year is a successful one and we can join in the success with you.

Although there was many decorations and people in Silverburn, the most exciting thing for Angry Duck was the double toilet. A cubicle with 2 toilets in it perhaps for a child and parent, or 2 midget’s, or maybe a dog and man. He didn’t know, but here he is sitting on one of the toilets, while an unnamed other pees on the other seat.

Judging by this start to the year, it could be an exciting 2015.


Here is the first video in ages, because at least two people have asked for more. That means that probably one million people that I don’t know agree, too! We will also make another spoof advert over the Christmas break. Enjoy guys oh and Angry Duck hasn’t left the house this week because it is stormy. He will though! Cheerio

Today the blog is directly from sunny Levanger, Norway and it was a heck of a day in the hot lovely weather. Whilst David is at home brushing Katt Monsen with his runny nose, I am attending 40th birthday parties, tanning on the balcony and swimming in the fjord with relatives and others. The weather was stunning and I was catching up with old friends and family members and enjoying lovely views, here is one:

Kjønstadmarka view

I got lots of cat cuddles from Pi who sleeps in my bed every night:

Ginger cat PiHe sleeeps still, unlike David

We did some tanning on the balcony because it was so hot:

Thigh tattoo Norwegian rose painting

I played with my boisterous nephews and ate apples and plums from the trees in various gardens. Then mum got a very early Christmas present which was a necklace from Pavi’s shop Passion Earth:

Terracotta necklace from Passion Earth

Then a happy customer got their Angry Duck 2015 Wall Calendar brought to them in their massive bed, this is a high level of service:

Angry Duck 2015 wall calendar in bed

Then we went swimming in the fjord in Inderøya, and it was 17 degrees in the water. I don’t have photos of this, but it was highly refreshing. Then we saw some more nice view:

Nice view, Levanger Norway

And back to Scotland and Davideo and Katt Monsen early early tomorrow. Thanks for a most excellent long and hot weekend and for a great end to the Summer!




HELLOW here is our weekly blog. Yesterday we met someone else that has a weekly blog, and has had for 5 years, his videos are 15-20 mins so count yourselves lucky if you only watch this because you feel you should! We speak fast for you dear Angry Ducklings. Or David doesn’t speak that fast thankfully. KA got into Pictoplasma Academy and is over the moon because of this. Still haven’t celebrated properly, but oh we will. We might very possibly celebrate at 52 Canoes with cocktails so let us ken if anyone wants to join us, coming Saturday perhaps! ANYWAY here is our vid. Peace guys xx

This week’s video featuring Davideo. WARNING! Contains a pineapple. Have a good one, good people.

KA, David & Katt M. xx

Here it is, the Angry Duck 2015 Wall Calendar, it is FINE! Finally they arrived, and they look amazing. Get yours here for only £12, if you live near Edinburgh/Glasgow we can even hand it to you for your shipping savings. Or if you live in Norway, I am sure something can be sorted out. If not, shipping is actually really reasonable.


Get it here:

Smooth sailings!

Our week ahead and our week past. KA looks like a blind pianist today. Hope everyone are having a spiffing week. Less than 3 weeks til canoeing; we can’t wait 😀

Karen Anna, David & Katt Monsen xx

Here are our lives, directly to you. Back to Scotland tomorrow! Look forward to seeing Katt Monsen again but will be sad to say goodbye to π and the family. Thanks for watching 😀 Karen Anna, David and Pi xx

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