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Angry Duck was out in the Edinburgh sunshine today helping David clean his car. He took some time to sit on the roof and do some sunbathing.

There wasn’t much help in the cleaning, Angry Duck just kept a lookout from his perch and commented on the poor job David was doing.




Katt Monsen enjoyed another quiet Thursday, so while he was enjoying some food he was pictured showing off the tote bag that can be won by one lucky fan! All you need to do is like Angry Duck on Facebook and tell us you want to be in the draw!

Also pictured is the package being sent to one nice customer, and hopefully they enjoy our products, which I am sure they will! They were ordered from so go have a look and see what you want!

Today was a good day in the life of Angry Duck Bloggers. We visited Namsskogan Familiepark in Namsskogan and met up with Karen Anna’s friend, Linn. She showed us round the park, let us go on the most fun of activities, and also was patient enough while we went on the toboggan twice, and inside a inflatable hamster wheel on a lake. How lols!
The park is full of cool animals so we have plenty of pictures to share with you on this fine Friday in Norway.
From bears to hedgehogs and many more animals, the park is a great day out, and if you happen to be in Norway and near it, go and visit!
Bears, wolves, wolverine, lynx, arctic fox, reindeer, elk and alpaca are just some of the animals worth seeing.

some of the animals

And here is a video of wolves getting fed:

There is also a great gift shop worth looking at, so all in all it was a great day! (The reason we are blogging so late is because the internet here in our cabin is veeery slow, sorry guys.) Check out their website at !

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