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Hi and sorry to anyone reading this that this blog has not posted for weeks and months. We have done so much that we don’t have time for blogging. But even though we are taking a sabbatical now, it doesn’t mean that this blog is dead forever. Keep checking our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more updates, illustrations and comic strips. Here are many pictures that will speak for themselves hopefully. Happy Summer, stay phresh and wear deodorant!

Karen Anna, David & Katt Monsen xx
Newspaper Angry Duck Making a huge Angry Duck plushie Mum helping Angry Duck custom cons nearly done Me and giant Angry Duck Angry Duck screenprinted panties Showing off his new screen printed shirt Giant Angry Duck in a London black cab Close up on train, no eyebrows Angry Duck Angry Duck napping in Luxembourg On the toilet at Urban Spree, Pictoplasma Finally all set up, Urban Spree Pictoplasma Academy All Stars Angry Duck on toilet at Pictoplasma Rude Angry Duck on Pictomat Angry Duck reading me the newspapah Setting up Screen printed Angry Duck hoodie Norwegian Royal Family Angry Duck Balcony I know where you live AngryDuck Custom Converse sneaky poster Angry Duck Angry Duck going to Disneyland Angry Duck and Monstro the Whale in Disneyland Angry Duck with duck in Mickey's House Disneyland Angry Duck in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, Disneyland Angry Duck in San Diego Angry Duck in San Diego beach Davideo having breakfast in San Diego with Angry Duck t-shirt Angry Duck camping in Big Sur All Angry Ducked up in San Francisco Angry Duck and Golden Gate Bridge Angry Duck and Yosemite Falls Part of toy catch and Angry Duck babushka


This week Angry Duck has gone global at Pictoplasma Academy exhibition in Berlin. Giant AD found himself a toilet in Berlin and looks pretty delighted to have the funniest paper in the world, The Daily Butter. Karen Anna is in Berlin and making a name for herself with her work and character design. 

Anyone in the Berlin area please go visit at Gerichtstraße 35, and see lots of amazing work from around the world.

Next week little Angry Duck will be on his travels somewhere exciting we are sure.


Hello and happy Sunday everyone. At Angry Duck Shop’s Headquarters, we are super busy preparing for the journey to Pictoplasma and Berlin. The huge duck needs to be ready before travelling through Europe! Here are some WIP pics:
Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP - head Angry Duck sculpture WIP. Help brought in from Norway Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP The whole family involved - leg making Angry Duck sculpture WIP

It is important to point out that help from Norway was brought in for this, and it could not have happened without them!

Keep cheking our blog for development on this and eventually also the journey from Edinburgh to London, to France then Berlin through Belgium and Luxembourg.

Have one jolly week all of you!

With Karen Anna being away the blog has been inconsistent, sorry about that! Angry Duck was missing his maker, and he was made to feel small when he saw the latest model that Karen Anna had been making in Berlin. Poor AD could only look on his Ipad at pictures and wonder if he will still be loved on her return.


Angry Duck took a trip to drop Karen Anna off at the airport today. She is off to Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin to make AD famous and learn some new tricks. It was his first time at the airport, and although he didn’t get to see many planes it was still pretty exciting for him, despite the sadness of seeing KA leave for 12 days. Unfortunately however, the car did not receive a clean at the valet.


This is our Mupdate this week! KA got up at 4 in the morning yesterday so we made it today instead. David became a celebrity in the Parkinson ad Davideo! If you still haven’t seen this famous hilarious ad, you can look for Angry Duck Shop on Youtube (and see all the other great ads) or find it if you can be bothered scrolling down far enough on the blog. Peace out guys, we ❤ you!

KA, David & Katt Monsen (but he doesn’t really mean it) xx

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