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This week Angry Duck has gone global at Pictoplasma Academy exhibition in Berlin. Giant AD found himself a toilet in Berlin and looks pretty delighted to have the funniest paper in the world, The Daily Butter. Karen Anna is in Berlin and making a name for herself with her work and character design. 

Anyone in the Berlin area please go visit at Gerichtstraße 35, and see lots of amazing work from around the world.

Next week little Angry Duck will be on his travels somewhere exciting we are sure.



Hello! Tutelage Tuesday is here with a vengeance. Think about how much you have learned from this blog over time! Today we are having a look at Angry Scrooge McDuck, or McDook as it is actually pronounced. This is when Angry Duck dresses up as Donald Duck’s famous Scottish uncle. This duck is originally from the 2010 wall calendar, a February pinup, since you ask. He is also featured more naked on the website, check here (NB! No indecency shown for you fragile souls).
Angry Scrooge McDuck

That was that, have a pruny week y’all, winkysmiley

Hi blog. This is Tutelage Tuesday! Here is Fly Swatting Duck, he is swatting away at everything and everyone. That’s just how he feels sometimes, don’t we all. He is taken from the month of January in the Angry Duck 2012 calendar. How exciting. In the calendar, he was swatting away at a large war ape, for those of you who have seen it, you must remember it fondly. Anyway, have a delightful and swatting week! Swat swat swat from the Angry Duck Team + Cat
Fly swatting duck

Hi Ducklings people. What is going on? I am making a character bible for Angry Duck. It is not a 100% certain, but it will probably end up looking like this:
Angry Duck character bible

I am also fixing the website. It is needed. And it is “fun” to refresh your coding skills, isn’t it. And I am making some Angry Duck stickers for a zine. And I am trying to make some wings for this poor wingless duck:
Angry Duck foam sculpture

I am also getting some stuff ready to hopefully sell at some Christmas markets in Edinburgh.

And we made a rhubarb crumble and we are trying to buy a house. How will all these things go? Stay tuned for exciting updates, “lol”.

Have a beautiful week ahead people and wear reflectors in the dark. You can buy some from Okeiko but I cannot find the link sorry!

Hello dear blog readers, ducklings and does.

First we need to say that we are so sorry the blog has been shoved under a heavy rug for the past weeks, there was simply no time to do it! Hope no one has suffered too much from this. In that case, you cannot claim compensation unfortunately.

Secondly, we have been aiming a bit too high with blogging every day, after all we should focus on quality not quantity! Sorry again guys, less blogging from now on. This is a very apologetic post. So the usual days will disappear and there will be less structure yay!

What will happen now? I need to produce a character bible for Angry Duck, then we will see what happens because no one really knows anything about the future, do they. Apart from people with high quality crystal balls, of course. Here are some Angry Duck doodles from Pictoplasma Academy: Angry Duck doodles Pictoplasma Academy Pictoplasma Academy was the best experience of my life and now everything has changed for the better. Possibly because I met German Jesus and he might have blessed me, with no words just greasy hair, but more likely it has nothing to do with him.

And here is a video of Katt Monsen being super cute, going through my other sketches looking for his smelly trout treat.

Have a beautiful Sunday dear Angry Ducklings, keep warm and stay in school! We love you and hope you love us back even though we have neglected this blog like an evil relative no one wants to visit. No more though! ❤

Hi. It is time for Tutelage Tuesday again! Here today is Moonboots Duck. He is not so often seen, which is a shame, since he is super chuffed with his footwear. Just chillin’ in his moon boots. Hope you are chillin’ in your moon boots today dear Angry Duckling, wherever you are. Peace


anka moonboots

Welcome to our Angry Duck Blog!

This will be our short and sweet blog that will inform you about what we do and what we make and stuff we offer for sale etc.

It will be updated approximately daily! Sorry about the long introduction video, they won’t all be that long we promise! And sorry my hair looks like Garth from Wayne’s World here according to David. I think it’s more like The Darkness-hair.

Thanks for watching 😀
David and Karen Anna xx

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