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Angry Duck was out in the Edinburgh sunshine today helping David clean his car. He took some time to sit on the roof and do some sunbathing.

There wasn’t much help in the cleaning, Angry Duck just kept a lookout from his perch and commented on the poor job David was doing.



Today Angry Duck took a trip upstairs to the top of the block to see his giant foam child. While foam Angry Duck was recovering from another layer of resin, he assumed the press up position and relaxed.

Angry Duck took the chance to stand on his back and take some photos, and also was excited to see how his giant child was recovering up the stairs.


With the ridiculously named ‘Weather Bomb’ coming to Scotland (basically just a windy day with a bit of rain) Angry Duck was stuck inside. But it was ok, as the Christmas tree is up, the Christmas star is up, and Katt Monsen is in the flat for company. He decided to spend some time at the bottom of the tree and see who already has their presents wrapped!

Next week Angry Duck should manage to go out, so tune in to see where he has gone. As long as the weather bomb has passed without ending the world.


Angry Duck took a trip to Polwarth to visit little baby Ella and see how she is enjoying life with Jacqui. She was rolling around the floor and smiling lots, and particularly enjoyed seeing AD. As Angry Duck posed for photos later, Ella decided to roll away and do other things, but a fun afternoon was had by all.


Today was a good day for Katt Monsen as his favourite day of the week took place. His litter was cleaned and it meant he could do a poo on top of clean litter and dig to his hearts content. As soon as the new litter was in, he was over to inspect the job and make sure everything was in good order, before he went for a toilet break in peace later on.


Poor little Katt Monsen has been left all alone with me again for 12 days. Karen Anna is off to Berlin so Katt was waiting on her coming back in the door but she didn’t. He did have a moment of trying to enjoy sexual relations with her jumper, but after it was taken off him he went back to being sad and missing her company. He has to get used to just having me around for a while!


Hi, today we have the honour of blogging from a tree in the Sherwood Forest. More pictures to follow tomorrow, we will update the Sunday Syllabuzz with extended Robin Hoodliness. Katt Monsen was a long weekend away at Amanda’s. Enjoy, we did 😀

Happy weekend!! Today we are showing you an advert we made last year, because it is a homage to Macmillan’s Coffee Morning that happens this Friday (26th of September). We made an ad for our mugs and based it on their terrific Coffee Morning ad from 2012 because we love it. Here is the ad:

Hope you have a lovely weekend and are happy in your souls. Would you like a bit of Tottenham cake?

This is our Mupdate this week! KA got up at 4 in the morning yesterday so we made it today instead. David became a celebrity in the Parkinson ad Davideo! If you still haven’t seen this famous hilarious ad, you can look for Angry Duck Shop on Youtube (and see all the other great ads) or find it if you can be bothered scrolling down far enough on the blog. Peace out guys, we ❤ you!

KA, David & Katt Monsen (but he doesn’t really mean it) xx

This week we are talking about online shopping and how staff at Tesco must have fun putting in some replacements for out of stock items. We recently bought online and had no problems, but this is one of the best replacements you are likely to get. Im not sure when you order a walnut loaf you expect this, but I think you might reject it as a replacement.
click me for link

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