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Hi and sorry to anyone reading this that this blog has not posted for weeks and months. We have done so much that we don’t have time for blogging. But even though we are taking a sabbatical now, it doesn’t mean that this blog is dead forever. Keep checking our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more updates, illustrations and comic strips. Here are many pictures that will speak for themselves hopefully. Happy Summer, stay phresh and wear deodorant!

Karen Anna, David & Katt Monsen xx
Newspaper Angry Duck Making a huge Angry Duck plushie Mum helping Angry Duck custom cons nearly done Me and giant Angry Duck Angry Duck screenprinted panties Showing off his new screen printed shirt Giant Angry Duck in a London black cab Close up on train, no eyebrows Angry Duck Angry Duck napping in Luxembourg On the toilet at Urban Spree, Pictoplasma Finally all set up, Urban Spree Pictoplasma Academy All Stars Angry Duck on toilet at Pictoplasma Rude Angry Duck on Pictomat Angry Duck reading me the newspapah Setting up Screen printed Angry Duck hoodie Norwegian Royal Family Angry Duck Balcony I know where you live AngryDuck Custom Converse sneaky poster Angry Duck Angry Duck going to Disneyland Angry Duck and Monstro the Whale in Disneyland Angry Duck with duck in Mickey's House Disneyland Angry Duck in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, Disneyland Angry Duck in San Diego Angry Duck in San Diego beach Davideo having breakfast in San Diego with Angry Duck t-shirt Angry Duck camping in Big Sur All Angry Ducked up in San Francisco Angry Duck and Golden Gate Bridge Angry Duck and Yosemite Falls Part of toy catch and Angry Duck babushka


So this blogpost was planned all day, then I got caught up listing new items on the webshop, they are so sweet! We did a market in Out of the Blue Drill hall in Leith yesterday and it was an immediate success. It looked like this:
Out of the Blue drill hall Xmas marketThanks so much to everyone who purchased merchandise! And to Xmas elf Ellis.

These are some of the new greeting cards in the webshop, they are amazing of course:
Get well soon baboon greeting card get well soon from std you're welcome card

We also got other stuff, check it out here

Today we made space for Christmas here at Angry Duck Shop HQ, it looks like this:
Christmas salad ready on the table

Katt Monsen was snoozing with the Smorkin’ Labbit he has had from he was a little kitten:
Katt Monsen and Smorkin LabbitIt is not an attractive bunny anymore, covered in drool and whatnot. But much loved!

We will continue with our jolly Angry Duck work in the coming week and we are very excited for Christmas by the way. Who isn’t?Have a good one!

Karen Anna, Davideo & Katt Monsen xx

Hope everyone is having a dazzling Sunday. We are indeed. On Friday this handsome doormat arrived, so we can be representing from the house.
Doormat and DavideoWe had it on the outside first, but David decided to have it on the inside, incase some dodgy individuals tried to steal it.

We are still preparing stuff for our Christmas markets, first one coming up this Saturday in Morningside, Morningside Makers Market and we have gotten this little gem in our webshop, check it out! Here is a photo just in case:
Angry Duck coin purse

Have a dashing week ahead and be joyful because Baby Jesus are coming for you shortly 😀

KA, David & Katt Monsen xx


Hi, today we have the honour of blogging from a tree in the Sherwood Forest. More pictures to follow tomorrow, we will update the Sunday Syllabuzz with extended Robin Hoodliness. Katt Monsen was a long weekend away at Amanda’s. Enjoy, we did 😀

Happy weekend!! Today we are showing you an advert we made last year, because it is a homage to Macmillan’s Coffee Morning that happens this Friday (26th of September). We made an ad for our mugs and based it on their terrific Coffee Morning ad from 2012 because we love it. Here is the ad:

Hope you have a lovely weekend and are happy in your souls. Would you like a bit of Tottenham cake?

This is our Mupdate this week! KA got up at 4 in the morning yesterday so we made it today instead. David became a celebrity in the Parkinson ad Davideo! If you still haven’t seen this famous hilarious ad, you can look for Angry Duck Shop on Youtube (and see all the other great ads) or find it if you can be bothered scrolling down far enough on the blog. Peace out guys, we ❤ you!

KA, David & Katt Monsen (but he doesn’t really mean it) xx

Today has been a very normal day. David cycled up a steep hill that made him tired and that he moaned about, and Karen Anna went running around Kjønstadmarka, ate dinner at No. 39 and visited granny Agnes in Inderøy. This is a view from Levanger on this day:
It’s jolly nice. Then we started planning what Christmas markets we will do with Angry Duck Shop today. Which ones do YOU think dear reader?

Peace and gravy, have a nice week starting from tomorrow

Hi, sorry for posting this so late, we have been busy working all night! The sound is not synced and we don’t know why. SORRY. We had chicken salad for tea tonight. Hope everyone has a lovely week.

Karen Anna, David & Katt Monsen xx

Today we have a REAL scoop for you, because this scoop is completely new and there is NO CHANCE you have heard it before: we have made another video advert for Angry Duck Shop. Our ads are terrific, if we might say so ourselves, and sometimes they are spoofs of other adverts, like this one. For those of you who didn’t know, it is a spoof of the advert we posted on Wednesday, the Sun Life Direct advert with Michael Parkinson. David is showing off his excellent acting skills as usual, check it out:

Check out the products here: because sadly the video doesn’t show them off that well.

Have a smashing weekend 😀

We have neglected the blog again (although not really, you are always with us in our thoughts “LOL”) but we are making up for it by announcing something quite exciting if we dare say so.

We shall also ask you to watch this, just because.

Have a great week everyone!

KA & Davideo xx

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