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Last week was such a good week for Angry Duck, as he took himself to Hoooolllyy Island. It was a beautiful sunny day, here he is perched on a rock looking down over the old Lindisfarne Abbey. Holy Island man, a lovely day out and lots to see and buy.

Next week Angry Duck is off to Berlin with his giant of a brother, so look out for plenty of updates and pictures from what will be an amazing 2 weeks of travel.



‘Ello. On Wednesday, Angry Duck waddled into the pub the Golden Rule in Edinburgh for a pint of Ginger Grouse. It was no coincidence that this exact beverage was chosen of course. Here is a photographic evidence:
Angry Duck Golden Rule Ginger GrouseThe Golden Rule is a smashing pub for leisure and pleasure. Angry Duck had a lovely, unwinding time.


Hello! Angry Duck waddled straight into Asda to hide amongst some lemons. Can you see his yellow bum?
Lemon duck bum Asda

Thank you Asda – although you didn’t know 😀

Yesterday was a busy day of being out and about as Angry Duck found himself at the National Museum of Scotland on Chamber Street. He was very interested to see all the animals on display there, but since it was such a beautiful day he went up to the roof terrace for some of the best views in Edinburgh. Here he is pictured looking out towards the castle and enjoying the sunshine.


Hi Ducklings people. What is going on? I am making a character bible for Angry Duck. It is not a 100% certain, but it will probably end up looking like this:
Angry Duck character bible

I am also fixing the website. It is needed. And it is “fun” to refresh your coding skills, isn’t it. And I am making some Angry Duck stickers for a zine. And I am trying to make some wings for this poor wingless duck:
Angry Duck foam sculpture

I am also getting some stuff ready to hopefully sell at some Christmas markets in Edinburgh.

And we made a rhubarb crumble and we are trying to buy a house. How will all these things go? Stay tuned for exciting updates, “lol”.

Have a beautiful week ahead people and wear reflectors in the dark. You can buy some from Okeiko but I cannot find the link sorry!

This week Angry Duck went to visit Gorgie farm and some old hen friends. It was a nice day and it looked like the hens were more than happy to see him.

One however turned round on his arrival, promptly did a poo, then left, it was funny to see but hurtful to Angry Duck, who may seek revenge.

The other hens however rushed over and chatted with AD before he had to leave. Here he is seen recovering after the pooing incident:


This week Angry Duck met a new housemate. It was this novelty ape pepper grinder that Karen Anna was very happy to receive through the mail. Not only does it smile, it grinds pepper well, and has made friends with the other housemates, including Angry Duck, who showed him round the flat, stopping for pictures at the table where pepper is sometimes eaten.


Sorry the delay of this weekly well of wisdom – Tutelage Tuesday where you can learn exciting things about Angry Duck.

This week it is Buffalo Shoes Duck, with stylish platform trainers. If you were a teenage girl (I’m sure some guys wore them too) in the nineties, you might have had these bad boys on your feet day in and day out. I know I did, I bought both pairs I owned in Berlin and absolutely loved them.

Even though we can say today that they are not the most beautiful of shoes, you cannot argue that they were comfortable and they made your legs look longer, which was always a good thing if you got lil’ short legs. Regardless of this, Angry Duck looks amazing in his Buffalo shoes:


There is also a new comic strip, click on “Comic strips” in the top menu. Bye!

Today was going to be a visit to the cinema for Angry Duck, but it turned out nothing exciting was on to watch so he stayed at home and was working hard on his calendar. It has been a long process, but it will soon be complete and is looking amazing as usual.
You will be able to get your hand on the 2015 calendar pretty soon and have it hanging on your wall for as long as you want.

Here is Angry Duck, working away on his Mac:



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