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Hi and sorry to anyone reading this that this blog has not posted for weeks and months. We have done so much that we don’t have time for blogging. But even though we are taking a sabbatical now, it doesn’t mean that this blog is dead forever. Keep checking our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more updates, illustrations and comic strips. Here are many pictures that will speak for themselves hopefully. Happy Summer, stay phresh and wear deodorant!

Karen Anna, David & Katt Monsen xx
Newspaper Angry Duck Making a huge Angry Duck plushie Mum helping Angry Duck custom cons nearly done Me and giant Angry Duck Angry Duck screenprinted panties Showing off his new screen printed shirt Giant Angry Duck in a London black cab Close up on train, no eyebrows Angry Duck Angry Duck napping in Luxembourg On the toilet at Urban Spree, Pictoplasma Finally all set up, Urban Spree Pictoplasma Academy All Stars Angry Duck on toilet at Pictoplasma Rude Angry Duck on Pictomat Angry Duck reading me the newspapah Setting up Screen printed Angry Duck hoodie Norwegian Royal Family Angry Duck Balcony I know where you live AngryDuck Custom Converse sneaky poster Angry Duck Angry Duck going to Disneyland Angry Duck and Monstro the Whale in Disneyland Angry Duck with duck in Mickey's House Disneyland Angry Duck in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, Disneyland Angry Duck in San Diego Angry Duck in San Diego beach Davideo having breakfast in San Diego with Angry Duck t-shirt Angry Duck camping in Big Sur All Angry Ducked up in San Francisco Angry Duck and Golden Gate Bridge Angry Duck and Yosemite Falls Part of toy catch and Angry Duck babushka


Angry Duck was out in the Edinburgh sunshine today helping David clean his car. He took some time to sit on the roof and do some sunbathing.

There wasn’t much help in the cleaning, Angry Duck just kept a lookout from his perch and commented on the poor job David was doing.


Hello! Did you think we had forgotten about this blog, dear reader? Maybe you were right. No just kidding, we never would! We are just drowning. Angry Duck feels neglected, and with good right. Luckily we are soon going to experience another Easter, and Angry Duck will be 10 years old this Easter. Pretty spectacular! What will he do for his big anniversary?

Here is a wee update on what we are working on at the mo:

Firstly, there are these Converse. I hope to finish them soon. They will be sweet as, how appropriate to wear Angry Duck on my feet when he is so passionate about shoes. Pics:
Angry Duck custom Cons Angry Duck custom Chuck Tayors Angry Duck Converse shoes Angry Duck logo Converse high tops
I mean, I will feel like the best ever wearing these slutty puppies.

Secondly, the huge Angry Duck sculpture for Pictoplasma is very, very slowly moving forward. Almost so slowly that you can’t notice it moving. Like a newborn slug. The trip is booked though, so the duck’s apperance will need to happen soon. If anyone lives in Edinburgh and wants to be my free assistant, give me a shout. I shall pay with squinting eyes, snorts and beams.

Apart from that, we are steadily working towards Angry Duck’s world dominance, Easter and 10 years jubilee, plus the Pictoplasma Conference in Berlin of course.

Please do have yourselves a jolly week and forgive the sporadic blogging.

Hugs from KA, David & Katt Monsen xx

Hi there. Today we will show you this Angry Duck in thigh high boots hanging up his picture of a stern sea gull with its egg next to it. This duck came from the 2010 wall calendar and is a September pin up.

Angry Duck sea gull picture


That was all, thanks for reading and have a nice week!

‘Ello. On Wednesday, Angry Duck waddled into the pub the Golden Rule in Edinburgh for a pint of Ginger Grouse. It was no coincidence that this exact beverage was chosen of course. Here is a photographic evidence:
Angry Duck Golden Rule Ginger GrouseThe Golden Rule is a smashing pub for leisure and pleasure. Angry Duck had a lovely, unwinding time.


Recently outside Angry Ducks flat, somebody has been letting their dog shit on the grass and not picking it up, so Angry Duck has taken to standing guard during the day outside the window to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He will be shouting to the dog to tell its owner to stop being a twat, and to pick up his poo! Angry Duck doesn’t accept lazy pet owners, and wants his own grass to be free of poo. IMG_20150122_125048510

Hello! Here today with us is Dressrat, the rat with the pink dress.

DressratDressrat likes to smoke cigarettes and says pretty much only one thing, which is SHUT UP. (Kjeftn means shut up in Norwegian). He wears his pink dress with pride, occasionally he takes it off to wash it and iron it, but he got a couple in his wardrobe. Despite the dress, he is a very manly rat.
Dressrat ironThe original Dressrat was made out of a kitchen towel tube and some paper. One day I fell off my bike and hurt myself quite badly and had to sit still at work, so I made a paper rat. The original Dressrat sat on the counter in the shop, right next to the card machine, so people paying with card actually had to move the original Dressrat in order to access the card machine. There were many weird looks from the people having to move the original Dressrat, and very hard to keep a serious face at all times. But that was the fun of it. Here is the original Dressrat:
The original DressratAs you can tell, he is a work of art in so many ways.
Altough Dressrat really can’t be bothered with other people or social media in any way, he still has his own Facebook page although he does not update it ever. You can find it here. Dressrat and Angry Duck respect each other, and I guess they are friends in their own special way.

That was so much information that if you read all of this, you have learned so many new and useful things today that your head is filled to the brim. Thank you, come again soon.

Hello! Angry Duck waddled straight into Asda to hide amongst some lemons. Can you see his yellow bum?
Lemon duck bum Asda

Thank you Asda – although you didn’t know 😀

It is still sort of Christmas, so here is the Christmas duck from 2011:
Christmas Angry Duck 2011
Everyone knows that Frau means fertiliser in Norway, but it also means Mrs. in German, so interpret it however you wish. Angry Duck is coming down your chimney to bring you the contents of his knapsack. Happy New Year! This will be the year of the duck 😀

Here is the first video in ages, because at least two people have asked for more. That means that probably one million people that I don’t know agree, too! We will also make another spoof advert over the Christmas break. Enjoy guys oh and Angry Duck hasn’t left the house this week because it is stormy. He will though! Cheerio

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