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Hello and happy Sunday everyone. At Angry Duck Shop’s Headquarters, we are super busy preparing for the journey to Pictoplasma and Berlin. The huge duck needs to be ready before travelling through Europe! Here are some WIP pics:
Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP - head Angry Duck sculpture WIP. Help brought in from Norway Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP The whole family involved - leg making Angry Duck sculpture WIP

It is important to point out that help from Norway was brought in for this, and it could not have happened without them!

Keep cheking our blog for development on this and eventually also the journey from Edinburgh to London, to France then Berlin through Belgium and Luxembourg.

Have one jolly week all of you!


Today the blog is directly from sunny Levanger, Norway and it was a heck of a day in the hot lovely weather. Whilst David is at home brushing Katt Monsen with his runny nose, I am attending 40th birthday parties, tanning on the balcony and swimming in the fjord with relatives and others. The weather was stunning and I was catching up with old friends and family members and enjoying lovely views, here is one:

Kjønstadmarka view

I got lots of cat cuddles from Pi who sleeps in my bed every night:

Ginger cat PiHe sleeeps still, unlike David

We did some tanning on the balcony because it was so hot:

Thigh tattoo Norwegian rose painting

I played with my boisterous nephews and ate apples and plums from the trees in various gardens. Then mum got a very early Christmas present which was a necklace from Pavi’s shop Passion Earth:

Terracotta necklace from Passion Earth

Then a happy customer got their Angry Duck 2015 Wall Calendar brought to them in their massive bed, this is a high level of service:

Angry Duck 2015 wall calendar in bed

Then we went swimming in the fjord in Inderøya, and it was 17 degrees in the water. I don’t have photos of this, but it was highly refreshing. Then we saw some more nice view:

Nice view, Levanger Norway

And back to Scotland and Davideo and Katt Monsen early early tomorrow. Thanks for a most excellent long and hot weekend and for a great end to the Summer!




Hi guys. Watch our video for our extremely exciting announcement. Yay! Hope everyone will be having the sweetest week of your lives and thanks for checking out our blog!

Karen Anna, David and Katt Monsen xx

Here it is guys, the moment you have been waiting for all week.
Walk in peace!

Karen Anna and David xx

Here is our Monday Update (Mupdate) from week 2 of our blog! Thanks everyone who has checked our blog out, you are smashing and we love you. Will show you our brand new products later on this week!
Trololo from Karen Anna & Davideo in da video xx

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