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Hi and sorry to anyone reading this that this blog has not posted for weeks and months. We have done so much that we don’t have time for blogging. But even though we are taking a sabbatical now, it doesn’t mean that this blog is dead forever. Keep checking our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more updates, illustrations and comic strips. Here are many pictures that will speak for themselves hopefully. Happy Summer, stay phresh and wear deodorant!

Karen Anna, David & Katt Monsen xx
Newspaper Angry Duck Making a huge Angry Duck plushie Mum helping Angry Duck custom cons nearly done Me and giant Angry Duck Angry Duck screenprinted panties Showing off his new screen printed shirt Giant Angry Duck in a London black cab Close up on train, no eyebrows Angry Duck Angry Duck napping in Luxembourg On the toilet at Urban Spree, Pictoplasma Finally all set up, Urban Spree Pictoplasma Academy All Stars Angry Duck on toilet at Pictoplasma Rude Angry Duck on Pictomat Angry Duck reading me the newspapah Setting up Screen printed Angry Duck hoodie Norwegian Royal Family Angry Duck Balcony I know where you live AngryDuck Custom Converse sneaky poster Angry Duck Angry Duck going to Disneyland Angry Duck and Monstro the Whale in Disneyland Angry Duck with duck in Mickey's House Disneyland Angry Duck in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, Disneyland Angry Duck in San Diego Angry Duck in San Diego beach Davideo having breakfast in San Diego with Angry Duck t-shirt Angry Duck camping in Big Sur All Angry Ducked up in San Francisco Angry Duck and Golden Gate Bridge Angry Duck and Yosemite Falls Part of toy catch and Angry Duck babushka


Hello blogz. Have tried to post this all day but the blog was down. It was an emergency and I bet you all were checking and updating your browsers every 5 minutes in sheer excitement and bewilderment. Anyway, it is up now and hopefully it won’t happen again. Today we are showing you our unisex handmade Rosenborg Football club Duck screen printed t-shirts, made by Karen Anna and David. Katt Monsen did nothing apart from maybe moult a few hairs on them when the humans weren’t watching 😡

The thing is that we have sold out of all the manly man sizes, like L and XL, so we need to print some more of these soon. Perhaps. We do have 12 black size S in stock, 6 black size M, 1 black size XS and one lonely blue size S. They look like this:


Each and every one is unique because we made them ourselves! It was fun and also a learning process because we learned that we will never make them ourselves ever again, but let someone professional handle it.

Either way, the print last superbly in print and the t-shirts are quite narrow fitting, if you are a slender chap like David, you would need a size M, Karen Anna wears S or XS depending on how she wants it to fit. They are super comfy because they are printed on American Apparel. No shapeless shizzle here! Here is a catalogue model wearing one:

10481926_10152181186177175_233511688207475468_nHe is celebrating his beautiful t-shirt

The t-shirts can be bought here: Own a piece of art today Sir or Madam!

In other news, KA finished another Angry Duck comic strip today, you can find it on the Arga Ankan Facebook page. Have a fine weekend 😀

Here is the market we did Friday the 1st if August! It was on Lister Square on the Quartermile, and it is a lovely wee spot. We had a fun and interesting day, and met lots of lovely people from all over the world, including some other lovely stallholders. There were dog treats, guides to dog friendly bars, wonderful herbal products from Masarnen (website here) , coffee and crepes, German sausage, Linlithgow Chutneys, Rations cookies and marshmallows, different types of jewellery and other thangs.

We got super delicious macaroons from Les Plaisirs d’Odette, her website is here and her Facebook page is here and the woman making these wonderful treats is also super lovely and fantastic in every way. Chatting to her and eating her macaroons is a wonderful combination.

Another favourite of ours were Passion Earth, that sells recycled and handmade cases, cushion covers, hand-crafted terracotta jewellery, handmade wall hangings, compostable gift boxes which are stamped and decorated by hand and other handmade and recycled gift items, and the lady who runs it is also the most lovely lady ever! We had a laugh with her and her sister all day, she lent us a table cloth when ours wasn’t big enough and it really made our day! Her website is here and her Facebook page is here and her stuff is also amazing.

Here is a photo of the stall:

davidstallHere is David eating a German sausage

DavidpølsHe enjoyed it indeed

Hi guys. Watch our video for our extremely exciting announcement. Yay! Hope everyone will be having the sweetest week of your lives and thanks for checking out our blog!

Karen Anna, David and Katt Monsen xx

Here is a short compilation of our brand new clothes! Available from as soon as I have edited the photos. We are super happy and think they look great! Hope you fine folk are having as nice a weekend as we are! 😀 😀

Today we will show you that we have been busy little market ladies with headscarves on, selling merchandise in the town of Inderøy. We had a lovely hot day, partly sunny, and met lots of interesting people, both known and unknown to us. We sold a few things and had a lovely day outside, and the best part was when we gave some Angry Duck stickers to a wee boy, and he came back with his granny and dad and wanted to buy something. Unfortunately we didn’t have any kids clothing that fitted him, he asked what every item we had on the table was and who it was for. He then said, “can I buy grown up panties for my daddy?” and we told him that if his daddy wore ladies underwear, that would be fine. The papa was looking embarrassed and said “we can buy the panties for Mummy”, which they did, and the boy went away swinging the panties over his head. Lucky mama! Here are some photos of our day:



David is trying to do some modelling to attract young, hip and trendy buyers, and it totally worked

Happy weekend Angry Ducklings! Here is something to show you, our Angry Duck screen printed baby leotards! How amazing are they?! They are suitable for larger babies, from 12-18 months but if your baby is particularly large, it might fit before it reaches 12 months! What a bonus. These are screen printed on American Apparel baby gros and we got 11 in stock. LOOK!


Unfortunately we don’t have a (large) baby model yet, hopefully we will find a cute baby to model for us soon! Hope everyone is having a spiffing and spitting Saturday with nice weather all over! 😀

Don’t you guys fret for one split second, Wednesday Waddle will still take place as usual a bit later today, we just had to show you this!



I mean look at us! Aaaah this is too much to handle, Afro Duck looks so smooth and vibrant! Watch our webshop soon for purchaseable items 😀 And please do have yourself a jolly frolic-filled day kiddos.

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