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Last week was such a good week for Angry Duck, as he took himself to Hoooolllyy Island. It was a beautiful sunny day, here he is perched on a rock looking down over the old Lindisfarne Abbey. Holy Island man, a lovely day out and lots to see and buy.

Next week Angry Duck is off to Berlin with his giant of a brother, so look out for plenty of updates and pictures from what will be an amazing 2 weeks of travel.



Yesterday was a busy day of being out and about as Angry Duck found himself at the National Museum of Scotland on Chamber Street. He was very interested to see all the animals on display there, but since it was such a beautiful day he went up to the roof terrace for some of the best views in Edinburgh. Here he is pictured looking out towards the castle and enjoying the sunshine.


This beautiful weather the last 4 days has been to Angry Ducks liking. He has been out sunbathing the last few days and taking advantage of it. Today he took his towel outside and read his book in the sunshine, and he is very happy with it all. He loves keeping his page with his own bookmark, who knows, maybe you can get one free if you order some clothes from ?


This weeks Vlog comes from a sunny Norway. We are being blessed with some delightful weather and hopefully it continues. It did rain last night so we got wet, but it has been another nice day.

We hope wherever you are reading from you are having the weather that we are and enjoyed your weekend. Today is a holiday in Norway for all you lucky Norwegians enjoying Pentecost.

We have now been blogging a month so hurra for us and long may the joys and lols continue for our followers.

David and Karen Anna xx

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