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It is still sort of Easter (almost) so here is another Easter Duck accompanied by Toilet Paper Bunny. It is important with nice scents and enough toilet paper, especially in Easter. Hope everyone had a delightful holiday time! More updates to follow 😀
Easter Duck and Toilet paper Bunny


Hi people of the planet. This chap is Toilet Paper Bunny, he comes at Easter but he comes other times, too. He brings toilet paper in his basket, it is so wonderful. Sometimes you can wish he would pay you a visit when you’re out of toilet paper, and maybe he does. He wears thick glasses and doesn’t say much.

Toilet Paper Bunny is taken from a sketch that is based on the illustrations made by Heinrich Hoffmann , a crazy man from way back in the 18oo’s who wrote and drew horrid children’s stories, bad enough to give anyone nightmares. The hare steals a hunter’s glasses and then shoots himself and his hare child. Very educational and character strenghtening, I know.

Anyway, TP Bunny is nothing like that, he is just bespectacled and brings the TP.

Have a nice week, folks!

Toilet Paper bunny

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