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This week Angry Duck has gone global at Pictoplasma Academy exhibition in Berlin. Giant AD found himself a toilet in Berlin and looks pretty delighted to have the funniest paper in the world, The Daily Butter. Karen Anna is in Berlin and making a name for herself with her work and character design. 

Anyone in the Berlin area please go visit at Gerichtstra├če 35, and see lots of amazing work from around the world.

Next week little Angry Duck will be on his travels somewhere exciting we are sure.



Tomorrow is the beginning of the big canoe from Glasgow to Edinburgh for the Angry Duck team. Unfortunately the weather forecast isn’t looking so good for Saturday evening, but if we can negotiate the thunder and rain it should be nice for the rest of the weekend.

For all you budding Angry Ducklings we have a plan to use GPS so that everyone can be kept up to date on twitter and facebook, and hopefully we will have some nice pictures along the way.  If you know where we are at every moment it means that you can come out and see us!

The itinerary is as follows:

Depart Saturday 2100 – Southbank Marina, Kirkintilloch

Overnight Camping 2300/2330 – Kilsyth

Depart Sunday 0800(estimate) – Kilsyth somewhere.

Canoe most of the day, with stops for lunch, food, drinks, toilets, rests and leisure.

The plan is to get through Falkirk and all the locks and tunnels on Sunday so it is smooth sailing on Monday.

Camping – Linlithgow area

Depart Monday 0800(estimate) – Canoe the remaining miles and arrive in a Sunny Slateford when we are done.

With GPS it will be more obvious when we are going to finish. We expect banners, a welcome party with champagne and people partying on the bridge!

We have been given a food package from 52 Canoes which we are very thankful for, and also David’s Mum has been busy making sure we don’t starve.

Lets hope it is good fun, not too wet, and we survive and make it to the finish on Monday.

Please lend us your support on twitter and facebook by sharing and joining in with our posts!

Here is the map over the planned route:



Angry Duck Team


With Katt Monsen having his birthday yesterday and Angry Duck a little hungover from celebrating It, it meant that they spent today talking about their night out, and looking out the window together.
This is Katt’s favourite spot for some morning viewing, and he was joined by Angry Duck, to see what was going on.

This being such a nice week of weather, Angry Duck decided he wanted to head out. He has been watching lots of World Cup football with David but he much prefers watching old men struggle to run at Meadowbank. So he took himself down and sat and watched some 7-a-side action on this fine evening. The quality wasn’t the best, but it was nice to be out and about and it was a nice change of scenery for him.


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