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Hello and happy Sunday everyone. At Angry Duck Shop’s Headquarters, we are super busy preparing for the journey to Pictoplasma and Berlin. The huge duck needs to be ready before travelling through Europe! Here are some WIP pics:
Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP - head Angry Duck sculpture WIP. Help brought in from Norway Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP Angry Duck sculpture WIP The whole family involved - leg making Angry Duck sculpture WIP

It is important to point out that help from Norway was brought in for this, and it could not have happened without them!

Keep cheking our blog for development on this and eventually also the journey from Edinburgh to London, to France then Berlin through Belgium and Luxembourg.

Have one jolly week all of you!


Happy Sunday, you made it though the first working week of January! I am are busy preparing Angry Duck for the Pictoplasma conference in Berlin in April-May this year. Yesterday it was announced that character designer and storyboarder on Adventure Time, Andy Ristaino will be a speaker at the conference !!!!!1 I hope to shake his hand and will of course never wash it afterwards. There will also be many other equally fantastic speakers there, everyone should go seriously.

The Angry Duck foam sculpture (Benjamin van Oost taught me how to do this at Pictoplasma Academy last year, he is fantastic and everyone should check out Studio BamBam) is still growing legs and other things this weekend, here are some work in progress pics:
Angry Duck on toilet foam sculpture He needed legsIMG_5618 Sexy lil’ legs

IMG_5637 Sitting on the toilet, reading your paperIMG_5638 The toilet got a back and a flushing deviceIMG_5648 Putting putty into the gaps. Katt Monsen not helpingIMG_5650Putty

It says that the putty might take 21-28 days to dry, this sounds like BS to me but he who lives will be able to tell. Once the putty is dry, I will coat in resin and repeat till it goes rock hard, then locate a friendly car painter and hope for the best. Then create another, larger duck and take it to Berlin with me to meet all the celebs and fantastic people there.

Have a beautiful week everyone! 😀

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